Colourblind began as a final major project at university. Inspired by actually being colourblind it was a fashion magazine that explored the possibilities of the colour black. Starting as a magazine that then developed into a dedicated website, Colourblind is a project that is currently in hiatus.



Dear reader,

I have a confession to make. It’s not one that seems shocking on the surface, but when confessing it within the world of fashion, it may come as a surprise. I’m colourblind.

Something I see as a gift rather than a condition, colourblindness is hereditary, most common in men and as yet incurable. I wake up every morning to orange grass and have never set eyes upon the beauty of a pure blue sky. It’s never been a problem with my work as a fashion journalist nor has it ever held me back from doing my job. If anything, it’s helped. 

Where normally, one would first notice and comment on the assault of colour, I’ve naturally learnt to filter it out and latch on to the elements of design I feel truly matter. The cut, the detail, the carefully considered subtleties. Soon enough, I’d found that the best and most powerful way to explore the colourful world of fashion was through the complete lack of it. 

Before I knew it, my wardrobe was a sea of darkness and, clad head to toe in black, I was seeing the way I dressed exactly how everybody else was seeing it. For the first time, I was in full creative control. I had started my love affair with and immersed myself in a colour that I came to realise had limitless potential and soon enough, I found myself entranced by dark styling. 

A movement that revolves around black, the dark styling world is one where dark beauty and delicate imperfection collide. It is also a place that not only seemed the perfect opportunity to explore this potential of black, but approached fashion as I have always perceived it – as an art form. A place where both creator and wearer embrace their passion as a visual poetry in something where the lines between art, architecture and fashion become so blurred that they in fact become one.

It is through my love of dark styling and being colourblind that this platform is born. To reel in, control and harness the possibilities of black through the established and the upcoming of the dark styling world, and to present them to you through the eyes of someone who’s not only completely devoted to it, but understands it on a rather unique level.

So please, explore, and take with it your first step into Colourblind. A place I sincerely hope you enjoy as much as I do.


Josh Walker

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